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Hans York is an exceptional musician in every sense.  Hans was born and raised in Germany.  He has made his way to the USA. He began with a 2 year tour, living out of his car.  

I met Hans his first time to Tampa.  I had him on my radio show, Grassroots Groove, on WMNF 88.5 HD2 Bulls Radio. It was such a blast hanging out with him on air, interviewing him!!!  I fell in love with him and his music.  We went to his show at Sacred Grounds after the radio show.  I ended up buying his entire discography, I was THAT impressed.

The second trip to Tampa (same two year tour), he had a gig he had in Ybor.  That would be the last time I would see him for a few years.

He decided to take a year (or two) off from music.  I was deeply saddened.  We would keep in touch via Facebook and whatnot.  He released a few things during his break.  But nothing prepared me to be SPELLBOUND!

It was 3AM on February 12th 2015, I was in bed and spotify notified me that Hans York has just release SPELLBOUND!  I immediately started playing the album.  The very first track, "Broken Shell" came on and I about cried.  

See, he played it at his gig in Ybor and I was hooked.   I had been bugging Hans for years about getting a recording of this amazing song.  And there it was playing on MY phone...I was in heaven!!

My other addictions on the album are; December, Natural High, Old Friends, and Thunder and Rain. 

There's something about this album that draws you in.  Maybe it's his soothing vocals, amazing instrumentation, or superb production.  It's definitely one I'm going to treasure for YEARS to come!

Hans is one of a kind.  He's genuine, down to earth, humble, and funny!  I'm glad to call him a friend!!!

Take a listen and become spellbound with me!

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