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What’s happening to innovation?


The day Steve Jobs died is when the magic of Apple died for me. They killed Aperture, dumbed down Final Cut for pro’s (however, I LOVE FCP’s new design), the new MBP has a cool touchbar, but how will it be in reality, no REAL design changes, iMacs, iPhones, etc etc. Where’s the spark that Apple used to have?? Tim Cook is an awesome CEO. but I worry he is driving creatives like myself away. iOS is STILL a walled garden, you can’t set 3rd party apps as default, soo aggravating!


They used to push out new designs all the time. Now, to me, fb is getting old and dingy, with no cool newsfeed or profile enhancements in years! The geek in me LOVED the progression of seeing fb EVOLVE! I’m bored, Facebook. Change the game, make the newsfeed NOT a white graveyard, START innovating again!

GMAIL (What prompted this post)

Are we still in 2007?? It sure seems like it. Your interface is as boring and lifeless as can be.

These and more are driving me, the techie, INSANE!!!!! Lets get back to evolving guys, and not freeze time, k? thanks!!

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